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Cheating by street [ANSWERED AND CLOSED]


Hello Fiverr community
I have a question to you
There have a user in my village he’s id name is*******

he is from Bangladesh but his time and street view is Singapore. Can you please tell me how can do this. Or i want that band his account imminently or i will tell about the cheating on other market place. and also his gig is copy from google. he have no font about this relative that he use for the design.

Mod Note: Username removed. Calling out users is against forum rules


Also you’re childhood enemies. :worried::joy:


Creepy. Also, are you publically trying to blackmail someone?


LOL…I look forward to the day when people will lie about being from India :slight_smile: That day will come mitron, yes it will, yes we can…


He will probably be caught when he has to verify his phone number only it is not a Singapore number. I don’t see an advantage to being from Singapore. I don’t see why you care so much what he does either.


Are you getting jealous of him?
Let him do what he wants to do.You do focus on your work,I can’t see your gigs.Don’t you have one?:confused:


You know, I really think you have a problem.


Don’t get jealous of him :smile:


What problem,Patriotism?


You’re so hot on your heels trying to frame this Villager. Did you submit a Customer Support ticket with your concerns? Why share this mess publicly?! I get it no shame in your game. :smirk:


This is simply pathetic.