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Cheating Clients!


I have a client that is trying to cancel my order complaining about my work. He got 17 hours of research and writing for $30 and he’s trying to cheat. How do I stop him cancelling the order?


Dear Grant:

Sadly, you probably cannot.

You’ll want to keep tabs so that if the client attempts to use your work without paying for it, you can send the evidence to Customer Support and they can give you a canned response to the effect that they take revenue seriously, and they take Buyer Reviews seriously.

This is an unfortunate cost of doing business for freelancers.

You might be able to create a mini ebook from your labor. If you’re able to sell enough copies to make up your losses that way, you could even come out ahead at some point and make more money than you expected to make when the client first bought the gig.

Good luck,

Addendum: Warning Signs of a Potentially Troublesome Buyer


You did the work you deserve to be paid.

Open a ticket with customer support.

Explain what happened and send screenshots.

If they agree with you they will not cancel the order if the buyer happens to reach out to them.

Did you ask the client for some feedback? What is it that he doesn’t like? Maybe you can modify it?


talk to customer suport and tell them everything :slight_smile: