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Cheating with an order

A buyer asked me to design an book cover. So I did it. Then after delivery he said that my design is nice. And he asked for some modifications like changing the font size etc.

This is what he said,

Hi Thank you very much, it looks nice. There is just a few changes that needs to be made. 1) Is it possible you can match the front cover font or the spine and the back cover? The font name is: Cinzel Decorative. 2) The spine order must be like the sample I have sent you. It must start with of the book going down, and you only the Author’s last name. (Please see attachment). 3) I see the book description is too long at the back, there is not even space for the barcode or anything else. Please use the shorter description attached. Please make the back text color white and the quotation (Verses) please make them gold as the title. Please dont use the title at the back. Please make the font at the back bigger

When I was working on that he asked for canceling the order. What can I do for that?

Hi, just accept his order cancellation. i know u have spend lot of time. but in fiverr always buyer is the winner. if he write any bad review into your order, then that will badly affect to your gig. also fiverr CS will never help u to remove that bad review. so easy & simplest thing is just accept this order cancellation & close this matter.

Complete your modification and then deny the gig and send the modify work to him and ask him if this is what he needs and if he still denies than go to the customer support .

Keep denying his request to cancel

He just wants a free gig, also take screenshots of the conversations

If I keep denying his order what will happen?

I agree with Omanbux but I tell you the way to handle it

Option 1:

Do not cancel the Gig and made modifications as client says at last he finish the order and pay you

Option 2:

Cancel the request, but before cancelling talk with him and says about to save -ve review

But in my experience choose option 1 bcse some clients just dont give any review and -ve comment. try to work untill he not accept. talk with always like professional and force him to give you positive review as you did modification many times

What do you mean by -ve comment

I canceled the order.

Buyer always win in any dispute just cancel it and also let CS know about it… it happen many buyer want free work.

Some buyers are just like that