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Check and put your review

Hello, All freelancers and users. I hope you all are passing great times in this situation. I am a newbie. I just Trying to build myself as a professional freelancer. I loved my work and passionate about that. Can you please check my profile and gigs and put your review where I need changes on my profile and gigs.


Thanks For reading my post.


I am not an experience freelancer :slight_smile:

I think your GIGs are very good.


Thanks For your Valuable reply. :grinning:

@samin_eyaser Welcome brother

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Hello there - in your main gig title, “Create” is misspelled as “creat”, and in the main gig picture alone you’ve also managed to misspell “customization”, “responsive”, “optimization”, and “template”. Needless to say, this doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in American / English-speaking buyers.

Your bio is also an absolute mess in terms of tenses and making sense in English. If you used an auto-translator or something, it did you wrong. Drop me a message and I can help, if you’d like.

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Hello Delany, Thanks For your valuable information. I’ll try to fix all those things very soon. Thanks again.

Welcome to fiverr
Best of wishes :heart::heart:

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Hi samin…
Welcome to fiverr community
some suggest for you

1.Add your keyword on GIG title, description & tags.

2.have to create 7 GIG to have more chance to get first order fast.

3.Buyer request is best way to get your first sell. To get response by buyer request, write a clean and easy to understand proposal.

4.Most important things is that try to stay online always

Thank you

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Thanks Brother for your valuable information.