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Check buyer history

Maybe a good Idea is to be able to track a buyer his history if you click on his username bacause I see that there are some buyers here on fiverr that are purchasing gigs and then start asking more then you actually deliver or they do difficult or they don’t agree you finished and they leave negative feedback. Never had this problem but I know sellers who deliver good value for the money and they get thumbs down or negative feedback from buyers that are expecting too much.

It would be nice if have an order to check his history so you can see if he is reasonable in his feeback or not.



And that will help some “evil” sellers to find out what you’ve ordered in past and begin to spam you inviting to buy some of their gigs. Have you seen how many sellers write “please order my gigs” at “advice from a 500 buyer” thread?

It is for reason Fiverr don’t allow calling usernames on forum! If you find some buyer behaving inadequately - simply report to customer support! If CS will receive a lot of complaints from different sellers they will take some measures.

We could make the system as such that at the moment somebody sends a message to you, some buying history becomes visible for the recipient, like buyers rating and number of purchases? Eventually, we could make the system as such that a week after the last message this information is not visible anymore.