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Check for Errors or Motivation

Please Check Out my GIG for any errors and suggestions. Thank You :slight_smile:

I’m not from the IT niche, so I don’t know how good the gigs are from that point of view. I particularly liked the gig description- a lot, lot better than the one of an average newbie here.

Look around for topics about gig optimization- that’s a big thing here, particularly in highly competitive niche such as yours.

Promote your gigs on social media.

Once you complete a few gigs, find someone who can write a stunning gig description for you (actually, someone who can proofread them and suggest minor changes so they sound “more English”). You will find those people here easily and most of those gigs have a reasonable price.

As for the profile photo- I would suggest to get one casual photo where you smile, with a relaxing blurred background such as a local park or smth. Or at your office (if it looks really nice). Western business culture is simply different than the one of the East.

Thank you so much for such a nice review. I would really like to consider all the points you have mentioned. That’s really very nice of you.

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