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Check how a buyer prevents the gig appearing on live portfolio

I’m a (new to fiverr) buyer. I want the completed work to Not appear on the sellers live portfolio
I dont mean appear and then I later can delete - it I mean not appear in the first place.

A I understand it , when the gig is completed - and before it appears on the portfolio - I’m given an option to post a review and at that stage I have the option for the content not to appear on the portfolio.

Have I got that right?

I am pretty sure there should be a check mark for you to uncheck. If you have missed it along the line you can always contact customer support and they will take it off for you.

annai80, thanks.

after some searching I find this guideline:
with the narrative
"Buyers may remove the work sample while providing feedback by clicking on the “X” that appears hovering over the work sample."
And a screenpicture not with an “X” but with a + which changes to a - sign if you click it.

That might be ok (+ = show , - = dont show) except the current screen is now different.
The minus sign has been removed.
The choice is a ‘tick sign’ which changes to a ‘+’ sign when you click it, so its not clear which one means “dont show” in the portfolio.
Tick suggests ‘yes show’ ‘+’ suggests ‘add to portfolio’

So which sign prevents the work appearing in the portfolio, the tick sign or the + sign ?

I would go for no tick and a - sign (or at least no +) to not show anything, or the opposite to show it.

I wonder if the portfolio thing is that defunct portfolio that’s in all our profile pages but not activated? Fiverr wonkiness strikes again…

As I said on my rating screen there was no minus sign by the picture.

As the default was the tick sign I clicked to convert it to the + sign and that seems to have worked.