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Check my gig I have problems in getting order.Any problem in my gig or how i get order



There are a lot of typos.

On your image:
“Advance Photo Editing” might be better to read: “Advanced Photo Editing”

and below that it says “Customer Satisfaction is Out Top Priority” it should say Our, not Out.

in the “About this Gig” there is poor formating. I can understand english may not be your primary language, but the formating is noticeable regardless of your language.

You might want to go back over the whole thing and work on making it look nicer, and even find a free online grammar checker to improve your use of language.


Thanks Brother another mistake??


yes. Sorry, I am not going to do all of the proofreading for you. You need to look at it and see where the text doesn’t line up properly, or other obvious mistakes. I need some sleep now, thank you :slight_smile:


If you are serious about making your gigs look professional, you might want to hire
someone here at Fiverr to proofread/edit your description.
Just search “gig description”, I’m sure you will find a good number of people offering that service.


You know anyone who make my gig professional


You could hire someone on Fiverr to proofread your gig and make it look more professional. :wink:


…sad thing is, that’s pretty much exactly what I said in my post…
but he didn’t read it? Or not get it??? :disappointed_relieved:
Was I not clear enough?


I thought you were extraordinarily clear. I just figured he could benefit from hearing another wise seller say the same thing. :wink:

Sadly, I don’t think either of us gave him the answer he wanted to hear.


HI nomisinghaina,
@daviddoer is exactly right. There are typos and the formatting could be improved too to make it look more professional. Having clear language and a clean layout means you pay attention to detail, which is what many buyers look for.