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Check my gig please and suggest how can I improve this.?


Check my gig and suggest my how can be improved it?


I am referring to the animation you used to illustrate your service:

  1. Too fast. Slow down the animation, at least at 75%.
  2. Use less words and less pictures.
  3. Don’t use stock illustrations if possible.
  4. Be more consistent in your choice of fonts and colors.

You may look to to find inspiration about the last point.
You should tend to a contemporary style. Yours looks a bit dated.

The pricing scheme seems also a bit weird to me, for two reasons:

  1. it takes into account the number of words, and not simply the number of seconds.
  2. price and delivery time seem too low.

Fast is not always “better”.

If a service is not tied to a need that requires an immediate delivery, a fast delivery is not welcome.
Some customers look for a dedicated service, with an extended delivery time.
These people may read you in this way:

If I ever have to do a job for you, it will deserve at most two days of my attention.”


thanks guys… Any more suggestion?