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Check My Gigs & Advice wanted


I have six active Gigs. I’m always stay online & send buyer request regularly.
But I Can’t get an order.
Can you please check my gigs what’s wrong there?


Hi Nasima,

My experience says that your Gig portfolio pic should be attractive because this is the first thing that will attract the buyer.

Apart from this your Ratings, Delivery on time, Response Rate and Response Time percentage should be high.

You can also share your Gig on social media also.

I hope it will help you.



what do you think, my gig picture isn’t attractive?


Those are good but you can improve more. Please check same service of Top seller which you are providing to compare with them.


I am also new on fiverr and doing all the right stuff. I’ve rewritten my gigs and changed the pictures but that is not helping much. I have also sent more than 30 offers to buyers but no response. I think the competition is really high and people don’t like to buy from new sellers.

But it is not true that your profile pocture is not attractive. You look really good in the picture and it is clear. I have seen sellers with worst profile pic than you and they are top sellers.

I don’t know what next one can do but I really hope sales pick up soonest.

Best wishes to you on Fiverr


ok :frowning: Thanks
I’ll research on it.