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Check my gigs:what will you do

Hello community;
i’m all new here and i’v been working on my fiverr profile so i can attract my first order and have my first review,
if you’re free,i’m kindly asking you to give my profil and gigs a look and let me know,you as an old experienced seller, what would you do at my place,what would you change ?
My profil:

Waiting for your advise to get my first sell;


You’re offering a 30-minute call for $5. People don’t expect quality or legitimacy from people who volunteer to earn $10 an hour. It’s even less than that when you consider the time needed to discuss the order and prepare for it.

You also say on your gig page headline: “Support me with my 1st order.” No. It’s not about you. It’s about the buyer and their needs. People don’t buy to do sellers a favor. They buy because they have a need and the feel the seller is a great person to fill it. And it isn’t attractive to broadcast that you’ve never had a sale.


I agree. Anybody who reads that tagline will ask themselves why you haven’t had an order yet. Sure, at the moment, you’re new, so you’ve got that excuse, but you won’t be new forever.

This tagline could start to work against you pretty soon. It could start to make buyers extra critical of your Gigs.


Hello thank you for your answer,it opened my eyes on another view!
So for the first point i’v added on the end of every gigs description:

Current Prices are already on Discount for The_Oussmez new Opening!! Limited Time Offer
          Save Up on the Price and still get an amazing satisfying quality work!

and for your second point i changed it for: Good vibe,good actions,good work !

thank you again for your advises,you rock

“Good vibe” tells a client nothing. This isn’t at all what I was recommending.

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1.) You’ve managed to misspell both “academy” and “development” on the front page of your profile. This doesn’t inspire confidence.

2.) Your “vibe” (as you call it) definitely makes me see you as the guy who organized a party, not a hardworking student putting himself through Vet school. You need to be less casual about your language - you’re not asking someone to have a beer with you, you’re asking them to hire you.

3.) For your one gig, it’s “on fire”, not “one fire” - and even in this context, it’s grammatically incorrect. “Dedicated” would be a considerably better fit, unless actual combustion is part of your longterm work goals.

4.) It’s Fiverr. Two Rs. If a client can’t trust you to get the name of this site correct, how can you expect them to trust you with attention to detail on their work?

5.) I’m guessing this is a language/culture translation issue because I see it often on Fiverr. When you use a comma ( , ) there always needs to be a space after it. If I’m writing a list, I wouldn’t say apple,orange,pear - I would say apple, orange, pear. When the spaces between words and punctuation vanish, it instantly gives content a slapdash, poorly-put-together feel. Not the kind of impression you want to make!

6.) Think about attracting a client like attracting a cute girl (or boy, it’s 2019!). Desperation isn’t attractive - you need to project confidence and an impression of, “you can hire me, and it would be a good choice, but I’m also okay if you don’t.” When you desperately chase sales, just like when you chase girls/boys, what you catch is probably not what you actually want! Good, stable clients respond to calm attitudes and professional language and demeanor, not an overly-excited, exclamation point-riddled sales pitch.


Ok, in my head i was trying to be familiar with wherever client, but yes i changed it for good communication for the form.

Hello @thatwordchick, thank you a lot for the time spent correcting my beginner mistakes :hibiscus:
For the points

  • Number 1,2,3,5 : i’v corrected everything

  • Number 4 : i couldn’t find where i’v made that mistake

  • For the 6th point: i get your technique ( like the if you don’t respond quickly,i will think you’re busy or you have overwork ) , i’v watched the free fiver video class, and i’m going for the AIDA model as they’v explained consisting of awareness, interest, desire,action! Trying to get my potential clients reach those four levels during my video peach or description. Comparing to what you’ve explained on the 6th point, in my pov i’m seeing all the clients having cats personality rather than a dog personality. So i’m playing with cats :yarn:. I just hope the ball will start rolling :raising_hand_man: :slight_smile:

Finally Thank you again @thatwordchick :star_struck: … i realized getting my first sell is somehow an early stage for someone who created a fiverr account on august 2019, but let’s cross fingers :crossed_fingers: and may the force be with us :point_up_2:

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