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Check my gigs


hello i am cludia, please check my gis,



Hi and welcome.

Please post self promotion under the category “My Fiverr Gigs”.



voiceoverwork, thanks. <3


Reply to @madmoo: hello, thanks for looking m gigs,the pencil art is an using my personal programme, but if you want to rally pencil art you can ask me what you want. thank you. if you want to anything from me? come to my fiverr inbox.

i have to more jobs for you.look @ my other gigs. thanks.




I don’t think the “pencil” comment was in reference to having you actually do pencil art.

Your gig title “I will draw any PHOTOS using a pencil/ etc for $5” is misleading as you use a software program. Anyone can do this with a variety of photo manipulation software programs. You will do better if your gig title and description accurately reflects exactly what it is you are offering.

There are many gigs very similar to yours. You would do well to take some time to search and review how other folks are doing it successfully.

And you are likely to get more help here, if you slow down your salvo of self promotion on the forum.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Reply to @voiceoverwork: hey, i got your comment, and i will do it, as you saying, thanks for help me.

voiceoverwork said: Emoticons


Reply to @madmoo: oh got it, thanks for your comment dear.