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Check my new GIG an tell me how to improve it


please visit my gig and tell me how to improve it

I want some help here

i just completed my first order on fiverr,but the buyer gave me a 4.8 star rating,now i have 88% positive now i cannot send offers to buyer requests,without sending offers it is very difficult to get an order what should i do


Well, first of all, a 4.8 star rating is actually quite good.

Second, you only have ONE review. Please be patient. You need to build your reputation here on Fiverr, and the more positive reviews you receive, the higher your rating will be.

Third, don’t put all your hopes on getting order from Buyer’s Request. Get out there and promote your gigs. Bring in customers, clients and buyers from elsewhere on the internet. There are many other ways to bring in customers. Be willing to pursue them, rather than sitting back and expecting BR to do all the work for you. It’s hard to get started on Fiverr, but it is possible if you are willing to work at it.

Promote. Promote. Promote.


Thank you very much for you advice sir :slight_smile:but how can i promote my gigs


Try posting your fiverr gigs on social media. Look through requests. Be patient as @jonbaas mentioned.


Well, how would you normally tell people about something you love? Start there. Figure out who your target audience is, and then tell them about your gigs.


thank you very much i’ll try my best


Now Your rating is very low (87%) try to give best service to your client and make happy them. they will give you Five star feedback. as per You GIG image it is very bad. it is not suitble to logo design. try to design your own eye catching logo and put it to portfolio photo. don’t copy.


thank you,but all those images and logos are mine,I created them.I have
copyrights.the logo in my gig is my company logo,i used it for local business here


Your poster sucks. Really, man! I can create a powerfull creative poster for your GIG. It will increasely boost your sales because of eye catching and high quality as well as colorfull and friendly) Take a look at my gigs and let me know if you would like it! :tophat: Recruitingeek on Fiverr Peace