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Check my profile and give me tips please

Hello Guys My fiverr account is 3months old
i am expert in designing and editing but not still not get a order check my account and gigs tell me mistakes and give me your valuable suggestions for improvement
Thanks if you help me :slight_smile:


Hi Mudassara,

Your profile looks good! Also images looks nice.
Here some tips from me:

  1. Share your gigs on social media once everyday.
  2. Stay online as much as possible.
  3. Check your keywords and research more about it.

Best of luck!


Thanks for tips :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to Fiverr. Hope you will get your first order soon.

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Thanks please check my profile and give me tips please if you find some mistakes

Sorry to know that. I hope you will get orders soon.

thanks for your response :slightly_smiling_face: