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Check My profile And Let me know is i have succesful future on fiverr

Check My Profile And Let Me know is i have Succesful Future on Fiverr ??? And is Somewhere i am wrong give me some tips :slight_smile:
God Bless You :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
My Profile Link is Here


Love your jack-'o-lantern avatar!:jack_o_lantern:

According to English standards, your profile description is not good. It has numerous grammatical and punctuation errors. This can be a turn-off to some buyers. No one can tell you if you will have a successful future at Fiverr. Only you can say whether or not you will.

Here’s a helpful link here at Fiverr with lots of tips:

God bless you too!

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Hy, i am going to change my discription today thank you :slight_smile:

i am change my discription now can you check it again for me .?

it’s depend on your behavior and quality these are will bring success in your fiverr future.and also good luck is must important .

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Thank you Man… :slight_smile:

No, I looked one time and gave you one-time general advice only. As you work to improve your English skills, you’ll be better able to edit your own writings.

Here is a website that has free resources for becoming better at writing English;

I was using the site for research this morning as I worked on my order. I hope it helps you some.

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