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Check out my first mock-up logo design Gig


Hey! I am new to Fiverr, I am looking to work but I am not getting any order so I wanted to share my work in this forum. Hope you 'd like it and give positive feedback. And I am loving Fiverr community :slight_smile:slight_smile:
Here is the link for my gig :

This is my logo design gig, I hope I could deliver it within 8 hours. I will design logo in any custom or unique template as per the customer’s need!
Hope I would finish off my first work positively.
Happy freelancing guys :slight_smile:


This is the logo you created?


its actually a template for sample


There’s no point asking feedback for templates that are not yours :wink:
Adding templates to your portfolio is probably one of the reasons you’re not getting work. What if a client asks you to do a logo like that? You’d get a negative review and then you’re done. You won’t get any work after that.