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Check out my gig and give me any suggestions that how I get first order on Fiverr

Hi everyone :wave:
I am new seller on Fiverr. Guide me that how to get first order on Fiverr and check out my gig because click on gigs has a great impact.

Please click on link
Thanks so much for clicking on link.

Gig Link is below…

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These articles may help you


Clicking your link from forum post has no impact for your Gig’s ranking.

The view would need to come from organic impression to count.

I would recommend you to learn from reading the articles posted on this thread. Do not be discouraged by reading time. The Rome was not built overnight either…

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I hate to burst your bubble, but asking people on the forum to click your gig link, thinking it will have a positive impact on your gig is a waste of your time. In fact, if anything, it’s more likely to have a negative impact. Fiverr want gigs that convert into sales… if 100 people click on your gig, and none of them buy from you, Fiverr’s algorithm will deduce that your gig isn’t a good converter, and will feature it less prominently in search. You need organic traffic, relevant to your gig offering. You don’t get that by asking people on the forum to “click your link”.

Stop trying to game the system. There’s no ‘cheat code’ to getting sales, and sending a load of irrelevant traffic to your gig certainly won’t help you. Look at the info you’ve been given here, and work on improving your business instead.