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Check out my gig! Drawing you/your OC's in my style :)


Really interested in feedback too, new here and want to do my best in this community!


Hi Katie,
You definitely have a unique style, which will make you stand out. However, I think you should probably add a few more gigs to showcase your portfolio a bit more.

Try to create like 3-4 gigs and for each gig add samples from a specific style.
For example, you’re a gamer, right? Why not target other gamers who wish to use your illustrations as their avatars or something like that. Use those keywords in your gig title, description and show in your portfolio how it would look like as an avatar.

Or maybe target game developers/designers who might be interested in your concept art for their games. Try to think what kind of keywords they would use to find your gig.

Of course these are just random examples, but I think right now your gig title & description are too generic.

PS. A time-lapse video might work to show how you actually draw those. You have some sketches in FB, but here you can add I think 3 images per gig on your level. However, in a 1 minute video you can show more than 3 images.

Good luck!


Thanks so much! I’ll look into doing these!