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Check out my gig, open to any advice for improvement

Hello there I am new for fiverr and looking for any advice to improve my service quality and of course get orders.

P. S. I am react/frontend developer.


These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will code frontend with react
In the gig description:
“knowaldge” could be “knowledge”

Gig: I will integrate google and facebook authentication on node js
In the basic and standard packages “requirment:” could be “requirement:”

Maybe write a bit more in the gig descriptions saying what you’ll do in the gigs.

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I’ve just spent 10 seconds looking at your profile… I was trying to view your profile like a normal buyer would as they quickly look through search results - rather than in-depth and forensically.

The main thing that jumped out was this: “I am currently working in local company. But I have some free time to try freelancing.”

Woah! For me this is a massive problem. As a buyer I would be thinking a) you WON’T have time to dedicate to my project, and b) you’re not going to ‘try’ freelancing with me. I’m not going to be your experiment to see if it works for you.

While I admire your honesty in saying that you work for a company and that you want to ‘try’ freelancing - this is not what a buyer wants to hear. A buyer wants to hear that you are ‘a skilled and experienced freelancer who dedicates his time to each project’.

I’m not suggesting you should lie (please don’t) - but nor should you be quite so truthful about your current situation.


I think you missed a lot of things like description title and price in. You can correct these and hopefully get an order. Thank you.

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lots of missing thing in your profile and gig. you have to see this course must Online Freelancing Essentials: Be A Successful Fiverr Seller.

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Thank you, I have not really thought about that, thanks again for suggestion