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Check out my gig :))


Hi , im a new seller at fiverr. Im from Indonesia. Please Check out my gig . I would really appreciate if you also make order(s) :))

Hey, do you/your kids/your friends/ want to have a good grades in English? Go Check out the link!!

Thank you !! :))


It’s not allowed to do someone else’s homework/school assignment.

You better remove that gig before Customer Support sees it and removes it.

Also, contact outside of Fiverr is strictly forbidden. You can’t tell people to send something to your e-mail.

You may wish to read Fiverr’s Terms of Service before you get punished for breaking the rules:


You better change your profile description, too, since you’re asking buyers to contact you via email.


The reason why i input my e-mail address because i am open to any questions or further info about my gig in case there are some people who confuse, or want to know more about what i offered., not to do anything harmful or bad. E-mail is my way to interact or communicate with customers


You can use Fiverr’s messaging system for that. You’re not allowed to share your e-mail address with your buyers (if you do, it’s one of the quickest ways to get permanently banned).

You can just tell people to message you with any questions, without directing them away from Fiverr.


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She/he needs to delete the Gig. Doing other people’s homework or coursework is immoral and unethical.


I know that, just pausing the gig isn’t enough. You should tell it to her, though, it’s not my gig. :slight_smile:


Thank u so much dear


Thank you so much for the information, now i will change my gig