Check out my gigs and tell me if they look genuine enough to lure buyers


Help me out on this stuff, kind of new here.
Criticism is welcome.


“Check out my gigs and tell me if they look genuine enough to lure buyers”


Honest answer.

Note: you have just 1 review and is 1 star… you may think about reencarnation if you would like to succeed with those Gigs and the same profile… just sayin’


You need more images or a video. Also, I don’t see any reviews on your page but it looks like someone left a really bad review.
So I’ll advice to focus on your craft first, and then sell a service that holds up to certain standard. Preferably above the average “professional Photoshop” standard here on Fiverr :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay but how can I get rid of that 1 star review without getting any buyers? just saying that. Need people here to help.


I wonder how he wants to succeed with 20% positive reviews, a big a** 1 review with 1 star on his profile and absolutely no possibility to check Buyers Request…


You don’t need people to help, you need a magician…


. [quote=“wuerz123, post:8, topic:146164”]

I said criticism is welcome. So watch where that limits you



I have checked your gigs. you need to improve the gigs and your first review is very bad.


Hahahha, I don’t go around flagging people. After all, wouldn’t want to act childish? would I?


Any suggestions on how I can improve them and get rid of that 1 star review?

(btw is double posting prohibited here?)


you can’t finish the 1 star rating. I will suggest you. Please make new account and start again work on the fiverr.


If I were you I would write few lines about my experience in that specific task. I am new to Fiverr as well


First, you need to analyze what went wrong this time. Maybe the delivery time was too short or you tried to offer a service that you’re not ready to sell.
Then close this account, create a new one and make sure you don’t repeat the same mistake.


You can’t remove the review - just make it less important by having more sales (and reviews) that are great. You might have to undersell yourself to begin with to get more sales and boost your profile, then move back up to your full price at a later date.

I can’t see that starting another account will make your offering any better. I’m not convinced it is that ethical either.


First of all, don’t offer a service you can’t provide. I’m just assuming you are not qualified to do whatever you are offering because of that review, let me know if I’m wrong.
Second, don’t create a new account. At least not until you can provide the service you are offering.

Work on your craft, practice every day, keep your tools and technology updated and THEN offer something that has the same value you are asking for in return.


If you want help you need to make your own heading under the category “Improve My Gig”.