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My name is Ventsislav Georgiev and I own a web design and development company based in Bulgaria. I have about 10 years of experience and I recently added some services (gigs) made exclusively for I’m looking forward to do some fiverr work (with the help of my collegues at the office)

Actually I joined about 4 years ago, but I left for awhile (3 years :slight_smile: ), so I’m not really a new fiverrer.

Check out my gigs here -> and tell me, what you think about them. I plan to make them 20 next week and I’m working on promoting them.

Best Regards,

Ventsislav Georgiev

Yeah, my world map has blue on it :). It looks beatiful :).

I have 18 orders orders in queue and I’m not even a level 1 yet. My head is about to blow :). I didn’t expect such an interest in the first month, without promotion outside

I’m both happy and a little worried… It’s coming way too fast… But, yeah… it’s good. So much potential in this Fiverr community :slight_smile: