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Check out my gigs! Singing teacher & custom music maker


Hey everyone! How are y’all doing? All’s good here in Glasgow, we’re getting ready for the Independence referendum and I’ve just recently joined this community :slight_smile:

I’m a full-time self employed musician, I sing and write songs, and teach music privately, and in schools around Glasgow (singing and music theory).

A friend of mine pointed me to this platform, and I thought “Why the hell not?” So, … Let’s see what people I can connect with, sometimes great collaborations come out of creative hubs like these. :slight_smile:

So my gigs :slight_smile: Currently I have 4 gigs on offer

  • a 15 min vocal consultation on Skype - address any issues you’re concerned with, critique your singing and advise you on technique, and performance
  • a custom made vocal exercise for you - help improve your technique and/or help vocal recovery
  • a 15 min Music Theory lesson via Skype - absolute beginners to advanced, songwriters and singers welcome
  • a custom made 60 sec guitar/piano tune for you to use on your video, website or app - I’ve written for and co-written with artists, bands, led workshops in songwriting, as well as created custom made music for clients in the past 2 years, and looking forward to helping you guys out! :slight_smile:

    Thank you for reading this far! Check out my gigs for an opportunity to get these great services for $5 only!