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Check out my new Fiverr Sub-Reddit page

Hello, I was inspired tonight to make a Fiverr Sub-reddit. For those of you who dont know what reddit is, it is a website about anything. You can create a sub for whatever topic, so I made one for Fiverr. Please check it out and give it a subscribe. The goal of the site is to help sellers, buyers, and answer questions.

I am open to suggestions about it,



Sheriff’s Note: In this case, offering a link to this is against the forum Do’s and Dont’s since it directs people off-Fiverr and encourages buyers and sellers to participate in off-Fiverr contacts.

Fiverr already has one dedicated subreddit. /r/Fiverr
You may consider subscribe to it instead of discussing Fiverr in your own subreddit.

Oh, that’s a good point…
Oh well, RIP

Reply to @willpower_hk: This is a good suggestion. And, of course, buyers and sellers can also chat and ask questions here on the Fiverr forums.