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Check out my new gig video!


Hey guys just put up a new gig, I am very excited about this one. Please check out my video posted for it and let me know what you think! Any feedback to improve this gig would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! :grin:


The music is a bit obnoxious. If I was a potential buyer, I might be turned off by it, and move on to another seller. It’s also worth asking… do you own rights to that music in your video?

The visuals in the video look good. Visually, that does seem to show off your service sufficiently well.


When I saw that video I thought it has nothing to do with the audio. It feels completely disconnected.

But maybe, just maybe, if the song would’ve been at least synced with the video so that the slides change on each drum hit/beat, that might have been a bit better… like a tiny bit.

Also, maybe you should make the title more unique/catchy, make it stand out from the crowd? I mean, there are already so many retouching gigs… why would buyers choose yours over the others?


Get rid of the :musical_note: music. Sound like chipmunks! :confounded:

The slides showcasing your work is good… Just find a better tune!