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Check out my typing gigs on Fiverr


I am advertising my gigs so please check them out to see what I can do to enhance your projects


Dear Yolawalker, where is your gig…


Please clarify if you have not clarified where you are marketing


Below is the link to my services


You just do not share the link of your gig. You can write some descriptions with the link about your gigs


Ok thank you I was not aware of this rule so I will abide by it


Thank you so much…


I must apologize for the delayed response. I was told by one user in a nutshell that I must never post or advertise my gigs in the forum because she thought it was tasteless and unprofessional.
My username is yolawalker on and I offer three services under that name.


The category My Fiverr Gigs is the only place where you are allowed to post a link and advertise your gigs so feel free to do so.


Thank you. I will start doing so right away.


my gigs are under the username yolawalker, I offer a writing, typing and drawing gig.