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Check out some unique gigs :)


Hello ,

I am a seller on fiverr.

Since my gigs are not visible to anyone till now and I am new and want to promote some of my gigs that i think will be usefull to people.

Please do check my gigs once,I am sure you will like them.

I am rated 100%.

I am full time fiver seller.

I can do a refund in any case if customer is not satisfy.

I will never break your trust.I just want to serve people on fiverr to earn some money as my financial condition is not good.

I have many nice and unique gigs which i think will be usefull to you.

kindly check them once and give your precious time.

please have a look please.

You can see all type of gigs on my page including Facebook accounts, facebook likes, 120k emails,pranks,fun,flirting, loyalty tests,video testimonials,social marketing,Internet promotions, writing,translations, font designing,unique image editing etc.

Also, you can collect my gigs( as they can be very helpful to you in future).

thanks a lot.

Here are some of my 20 gigs that you may like:

-> I will give you 10 thousand facebook emails to increase your facebook friends and tell you step by step how to do it for $5

-> I will give you 50 Facebook Likes in 24 hours for $5

-> I will create a video of 1 minute with music messages and pictures of your choice for $5

-> I will write your name or company name or banner or website name in 10 diffrent unique styles and give you 10 PICTURES of them for $5

-> I will pencil SKETCH of your given picture for $5

-> I will type up to 5 pages of hand written copy, pdf files or scanned documents for $5

-> I will put one of the HUNDRED types of animations and effects listed in my gig to your photo for $5

-> I will turn 2 of your photographs into realistic handmade PAINTINGS for $5

-> I will put a TATTOO nearly on any part of your body in your picture which will look like a real one for $5

-> I will distribute 60 flyers in DELHI or Indian Institute Of Technology for $5





You have very good gigsā€¦ keep up the hard work and I promise it will pay off! :slight_smile:


THANKS :frowning: