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"Check Out These Gigs..." email from Fiverr is always my gigs!

Has anyone else experienced this? I get regular emails from Fiverr asking me to check out popular gigs. When I open the email, they are all my gigs. Do you think that would be something they would notice? How does this benefit anyone?

I’m guessing it’s related to cookies from the fiverr website which then automate an email and send it to you with gigs you’ve recently viewed. It would be the same if a buyer had viewed your gigs repeatedly too buddy.

Reply to @perfectgigger: Yes, thank you, I understand the concept of cookies. I am just surprised that they did not think such a simplistic system through so as to cross-reference where the cookie came from, and weed out the hits from when I am clearly logged in and visiting my own gigs. Plus, I visit other gigs, so the opportunity for them to send me other recommended gigs is there. They just don’t utilized the technology correctly. Does that make sense, buddy?

Furthermore, this is not Yahoo comments. We don’t need the troll attitude here. We are all Fiverr, part of a closed community. A spirit of helpfulness and carefully thought out responses would go a long way. I am not wasting my time to come here and post trivial items. I would like to see the bar raised a little. Can we all do that? Thank you.