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Check out this funny buyer


Hi guys,

One of my friend is on Fiverr and today he shared this amazing request with me, I want to share this with you guys so that you don’t fall in such traps, here the buyer will keep changing his/her mind and you will be forced to make changes as per them so stay away from such buyers, miles and miles away.

Also some forum members will comment that there is nothing wrong with the request and I am fool thinking bad about a holy customer, but I suggest you to stay away from such members also.



Yeah, I agree… this does sound pretty sketchy lol


funny buyer indeed. cow, you should include dog and elephant


Buyer request is full of similar ridiculous offers like I need ALL and BEST quality for 5$ and the problem is that they get a lot of offers.
I have mixed feeling about this kind of requests sometime s make me smile and sometimes get my blood boiling anyway when I see dumb requests I immediately report or delete the request!


The good thing about this example is that it’s obvious from the request that this is not a buyer you want to work with. There are also requests which sound reasonable, but when you take it you’ll quickly realize that you’ve made a mistake because the client is a nightmare to work with.