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Check Reviews Before Ordering!

I have seen a great deal of disgruntled buyers on the forum. From those talking about being scammed to those complaining about dealing with sellers who have no sense of customer service.
So before you get into another Seller-Buyer relationship:

  1. Review the account of your chosen seller properly. Don’t just get hyped by the portfolio. Look at not only the amount of positive reviews in comparison to the negatives, but the actual content of the negative reviews. If you realize there is a particular pattern of complaints in several negative reviews, hop on the search train again.
  2. If it’s a new seller with no reviews, check out their description and portfolio. Keep a keen eye out for copycat sellers; who basically steal the descriptions and portfolio work of other sellers and try to pass it off as their own. They almost always give themselves away in the simplest ways. Be alert.
  3. Don’t get too caught up in fancy custom offers too soon. Test the waters with a $5 order and then move from there. Be it a TS to a new seller.
  4. But most importantly converse with them before hand to see their level of online professionalism and other little things you may be looking for.

At the end of the day don’t be too hasty. Although you may be in a rush, don’t cut corners as it may affect the quality of service you receive.
On Fiverr Buyers have more protection than Sellers. So if you’re constantly getting scammed, maybe you’re doing something wrong, or not doing something you probably should be doing.
Just a little food for thought.

Feel free to share your views guys! :slight_smile:


i guess you once had a bad seller to buyer relationship

Good advice!

This is great advice! More than once, I’ve seen someone come and complain about being scammed by a seller, only to find that the seller already had lots of reviews about the same problem the buyer has just faced, and he could have avoided the issue, simply by reading those reviews. I get that $5 is a small amount of risk, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be careful when choosing a seller.

It’s also a great idea to do a test order before jumping in with a huge one–that’s good for both the buyer and the seller.

I had a very bad experience with a seller. The only thing he was interested in was "Gimme a five star rating’. I did that because otherwise he would not do the job. After the job was done and the pages were oké the pages DIDN’T work after one single day. He said hat i changed things which i did not. What can i do so that no more people are a victim of this guy?

Forcing a buyer to give a 5 star rating would not just be unethical its also abusive and thus a violation of the terms.

Take screenshots of the discussion where he insisted on a 5 star rating before delivering and open a support ticket with customer support.

I would have told him to nob off and reported him to customer support. Don’t let idiots like that guy try to abuse you.

I totally agree with MgJohn78, screen shot the conversation and alert Customer Support of the situation and the results of the delivery. I hope you are refunded!
There are some bully sellers on here, always send a message before hand to see how they respond. Some are very abrasive from the get go, and others are really warm and approachable.
I do apologize on behalf of that seller for the frustrations caused. Apply the simple guides i listed in my post and I wish you the best of luck!

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Very nice tips!

Good advice. A $5 test gig can go a long way to preventing unwanted headaches.

As for reviews, I think it’s important to look for two things: negative reviews, and - if there are any - how the seller responded to the complaints. The kind of complaints present, and how the seller responds to them, can be very telling.

thank you

Those are indeed excellent thing to look at as well!

That’s unethical! If i were you, i will cancel the order immediately the seller requested for 5 star before delivering the project. There are many unskilled and unprofessional sellers on this platform, who are not ready to great work.

I had a funny experience with a seller, who delivered empty gig, and asked me for 5 star or contact him if i needed a modification.
It was really hurtful because i have waited for 3 days just to get the work done.

You’re on point! But unfortunately, a lot of buyers (majorly TRBs) are not ready to spare $5 for test gig. Most of them are looking for professionals who will deliver great services for $5 even if it worth more.

That’s understood but in anything one must apply caution. Some prefer to burn to learn I guess.

good tips without any doubt…

You should check sources other than fiverr for info on the gigs offered. If you purchase a gig that offers illicit services like wiki backlinks, amazon reviews, facebook likes, mywot reviews etc you will get stung.
I’ve noticed members with multiple fiverr accounts post feedback for purchases from these other accounts. Several scam gigs have been reported, sadly fiverr don’t care and will not take them down.