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Check this and Let me know your thoughts

I’m a Level One Seller. I’m not yet get a single order in December. My gig is in First page of some competitive keyword. I need some help of experts with optimizing my gig.I’m going to optimize my gig after looking at the answers you provide.

Please don’t say the common points of optimizing. I need you to visit the gig and look for the rooms to the improvements .Here is the gig link.(
If you don’t have time simply quit.

Thanks for your valuable time.

I’m afraid it is just a simply dying niche. More and more businesses understand that marketing through spamming random emails from social media doesn’t work anymore.
People and businesses are getting smarter in their ways and more educated on proper marketing techniques. So it’s not about your gig anymore but really finding that little amount of people that’s left as your target audience.


The only reason someone would need to scrape thousands of emails is to spam. It’s very bad business. Good business entails make an individual case based on a relationship and tailored to the recipient, not copying and pasting and sending it to thousands of people. That’s also how you get blacklisted from email providers.

So there’s no way this will attract legitimate people and you don’t look credible.

SEO can’t help you if you don’t look credible.


Hello mariashtelle1, Hope you’re doing well. I completely agree with CAN-SPAM law. By this gig, I’m not scraping a bulk database of emails. These emails are not spammed. This will be collected by manual process who looking for or willing to buy that specific product/business.

Also this is my primary bestselling gig.

Yes. I agree with you. If I collect some job posting website email/customer care email and sending messages to clear my problem is not spam.
That’s why this is the method to collect the same type of emails and introduce them about him/her new business or product. Promoting product with one email template is spam I know.
First, let them introduce about that product and bring them into landing page and interested people’s may subscribe otherwise don’t.

Also one more thing, this is like cold calling/cold email sending. Introducing launch of products to the people’s who looking for that is not spam. Because we don’t promoting it.

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So people are going to tailor their message to each individual of “thousands” of recipients?

We both know that isn’t possible and we both know that’s not what what you’re trying to do. No one seeks thousands of contacts unless they want to spam.


It might as well be a drop in sales which happen all the time. Just keep being online, promoting your gigs and be patient.

Thanks for your advice fynwriter.

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Is it?
But I personally send mails from my mail automation software to hit their inboxes.
Also I do not recommend people’s to send the same email template to all of those people’s.

What about countries where the law is that email receiptients must have opted-in to any marketing emails? If you scrape thousands of email addresses from any social media site how can they have opted in (or how can you be sure they have/will) to receive any marketing emails from all the people you give the email lists to? Surely they’re going to get emails from marketers (if not spammers) they didn’t opt-in to receive?

re: the gig
The line “Now I am looking for a secure position with an organization with a stable environment that will lead to a long-lasting relationship.” - I think specifying more what you do in the gig rather than saying your looking for a secure position etc. would be better.

But I’d make sure the gig is okay with any opt-in laws/data protection type laws/TOS of any site etc.

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Hey, Thanks for your valuable comment about my GIG. I’ll correct my gig from now and let’s check the result.

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Automating the exact same message to go to groups of many people without their consent is literally what spam is. :joy:

Personally sending them or sending different ones doesn’t change that.

No business gets leads by doing this.