Check this Before publishing new gig


Many Seller facing issue.! Not Getting new order, Don’t Worry Check this before publishing new gig.

  1. Do Enough Research of your Competitor’s gig.
  • Yes, Do R&D before publishing new gig !
    How ?
  • Check How other sellers (Top rated or Level -2 sellers) Selling their service that you are planning to sell on Fiverr
  • Check how they present are their gig - Gig Description
  • Check Title of gig (Awesome Cool and catchy gig Title will definitely help you )
  • Check Gig image (image can say 10000 words )
  • check Keywords (Add the appropriate and related tag in your gig )
  1. Gig Title , Image , Tags

Add cool Gig Title and image ,
your gig title should be unique and should present your services
Add cool Gig image and make buyers to visit your gig
Don’t forget to add appropriate and related tag (Do analysis of your Competitor’s gig )

  1. Social Media Promotion
  • Be active on Social Media, Promote your gig or your service on Social media
  • Gain more real followers , Social media is one of the best platforms to promote your gig.
  • If you know basic blogging then creates Blog and represent your service there ,
  • write a blog post and publish on your blog or some good blog.

4 Don’t just Sell, also gain buyers Trust.

  • yes , Don’t just Sell , You need to gain Buyers Trust,
  • Tell your Buyers or prove them you are providing 100 % safe service . it will not harm their reputation or their business.
  • Help them to improve their business, small advice or tips can help them and maybe you will get tips from them :wink:

5 - Be patient

  • You will not get 1000 or Sells by night , You need to be patient .


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There is some good stuff in here, but any seller that doesn’t know these basics shouldn’t really be wasting their time on fiverr. If they can’t get to grips with the basics of publishing a gig then they should go and work for someone else rather than trying to earn money here.

Thanks for the tips.


Thank you, Glad you like this


Nothing wrong in trying at least!


Yes, There is nothing wrong in try,
There is so many new seller who facing issue and posting on forum for not getting new order.
So may be this tips can help them.

Don’t you remember you first sell or first level badge :wink:
Think about that happiness .
Everyone should try .

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Helpful article for new comers


Thank you very much. Informative article.


Thank you so much for sharing realy good stuff. Like it.

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Thank You so much for sharing these awesome helping notes, Which definitely will help anybody and will give a second thought before publishing a low quality gig,


i agree with you on some points but not all… when i joined Fiverr i didnt knew how to create a gig forget gig creation i didnt knew how to communicate with other fellow fiverr members…i have spent almost 2 months to understand everything and then published my gig… and iam still learning but as you said people should not waste time… well i guess that’s a bit harsh… people from non speaking english countries will find it difficult at first to understand how fiverr works… so i believe everyone should get a chance and we Level 2 Sellers should encourage new comers … that’s very important lets not demotivate them :slight_smile:


Yes… Thank you. :slight_smile:


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Thank you , Glad You Like this.


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