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Check this one, you will like this guaranteed


I love typing, i will type any document you will give me.

Convert From:
PDF/ Images/ Jpg/ Handwriting etc.

Convert To:
Microsoft Word or Excel

You will get:-
High Quality Work
Delivery On Time
Super Fast Communication
Full Support of our Clients
Money back Guarantee
100% Customer Satisfaction


I don’t like it. And I (as well as, I’m sure, the forum Mods) don’t like that you are blatantly advertising your services outside of the “My Fiverr Gigs” forum. You’ve been around on the forums for a while now. You should know how the forums work.

Promote your gigs in the right place. Outside of that forum, people aren’t going to be paying attention to the services you promote. We call that spam. Please do not spam the forums with requests to sell your services.