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Check this out - "Contact Panel", visible alongside Gig Packages

Hi Doers,

I just saw this new panel “Contact Panel” visible alongside my gig packages. I am thrilled to see this panel and hope buyers will use it effectively!!


Thank You Fiverr!!! :heart::v:

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That’s a much better approach from a usability standpoint!

If people didn’t see what they were looking for before, the layout required them to realize they needed to message the person and then move their eyes to the other side of the page. It contradicted how people interact with content and make decisions.

This way is much more intuitive and could curb people buying the wrong thing or getting frustrated and not buying at all.

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I could only see it on those gigs that are offering multiple gig packages. It’s not visible on gigs selling single package only!! I checked many gigs…

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Ugh that’s too bad. Maybe they’re testing this change first to see how it goes.

Maybe, but I love their direction.

Maybe, Fiverr would add a new criteria for the sellers to convert “leads” into “sales”. Atleast they will keep a backend statistics. High Lead Conversion Sellers will get a chance to get featured in Fiverr Emails or could be something that’s Fiverr might be planning to do so? Possibilities are endless!!


But I have not received this feature bro…

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I can’t find this feature. :frowning:

Maybe Fiverr doesn’t offer it to people who include unlimited revisions in their packages …


Or to people who don’t accept custom offers.


Either way, no point in chatting before ordering …

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