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Check you earned amounts

Just had an order not pay properly. CS is looking into it, but you should check your orders.
Original order $20 + $20 extra for a total of $40.
After completion tip $20. Order total now $60

Order shows I earned $32, not $48 as it should.
When I check pending clearance amounts, it is two entries of $16. The first I assume is the order with the gig extra, then second the tip. So it appears the tip did calculate correctly, but the gig extra was not in the balance. First time I have seen this, and I checked prior orders and they are fine.

As I said CS is looking into it, but you should verify that green total payment bar on top of your completed orders.


The tip is listed as a separate transaction. Go back and look again. I had this happen and was worried, but then realized the tip was listed underneath as its own transaction.


Yes I know that. Both transactions show 16. That is a total of 32 to me on a 60 order total. CS agrees it is wrong.

You should see 3 transactions, each one for $16.

$20 + $20 for the extra, + $20 for the tip. For a total of $48. Or I might be wrong.
Sometimes the extra seems to be counted as a separate transaction.

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Good, I’m glad they’re fixing it for you.

It seems like they didn’t calculate your extra and paid your initial gig + tip. or they consider your tip as an extra charge. Did you share this information with your buyer? I think he would have a clear remedy to apply. It’s just an opinion and I’m really glad to know that CS is trying to fix this issue.

BTW, How to charge for a tip? Is it some thing like custom offer or have some other option. I would be so thankful for this information!

You don’t charge for tips. Tips are given to you by buyers’ desire.

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Thank you for your response! @maitasun I’ve seen there are many people created a gig for tips only, and have five star rating over there where they received a tip only.

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Just to let everyone know. Proper payment was received, in though order shows wrong amount. CS made it all right and did the extended research to figure out exactly what went wrong.