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Check your OOO mode if turned on!

I had switched to Out of Office mode for the weekend and it switched back, as expected, on Monday, I can see the notification for that in my desktop notification box.

I wanted to turn it on again, though, and did so, on the app, until the 4th, today it’s the 2nd, and while I’m editing gigs, I happened to notice that I’m not in OOO, both on desktop and app, apparently OOO mode turned itself off, without notification or anything.

I hope it was some temp glitch and just me but thought I better post here, so anyone using OOO can check if wanted, to make sure everything’s fine. Going to turn it on again now and hope it works as expected, I’ll update.

Edited to add: For now, it’s on, although there’s another issue. The app didn’t let me choose the date I’ll be back as usual but set the 3rd, so I went to the desktop to edit it to the 4th.
Now, my desktop says I’ll be back on the 4th, while the app keeps saying I’ll be back on the 3rd (I did close and open, log out and back in, etc.).
A forum acquaintance kindly checked and for them it says 3rd. Which is a bit unsettling, seeing that I might be gone or not have wifi or not be able to check messages and do orders for some other reason when I switch OOO mode on in the first place.


This bug will pile up to the existing stress if we had to check our OOO on a daily basis, too, to make sure it’s still on :roll_eyes:


It doesn’t matter what you do, if you turn it on or off.

It seems that I am never shown as online.


If I’m not now online how did I manage to take this screenshot?

Is out of office mode the same thing as the settings button for online/offline?

I checked my settings again and it is shown as set to online.

(Sorry, I forgot you are talking about out of office mode but I’m a little bit frustrated.)


No, that’s different things.

However, they may be somehow linked in so far that if you switch on OOO mode, maybe that turns off your offline/online setting too, and you might forget to check the offline/online setting when you’re back from OOO.

They shouldn’t be linked IMO but since I also had it happen once (my post in the other thread) that I changed some notification setting or such and my online setting changed to offline on its own, I’m not so sure. Currently, as I’m in OOO mode, the green online dot is a grey circle with a white circle inside (to indicate OOO, I guess, vs. the usual “only grey” offline dot) but the setting is on “go offline for” so, in theory, I should be online.
While in the app, I see the green online dot.
Also, app says “I’m on vacation” while I chose “I’m overbooked. Be back soon.” on desktop. :woman_shrugging: