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Check your orders! Major Glitch with Attachments

It seems all the attachments on delivered orders have disappeared and the delivery looks like an empty delivery. The attachments appear on the mobile app, however. I’ve also been successfully attaching the files to previous inbox conversations. But, when I try to reattach the file to open order, it uploads and posts, then disappears a minute later.

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Oh man, I thought they fixed this problem?

I have the same issue. One of my buyers has told me that there is no file attached.
I have re-sent the file twice but it’s still not attached.
I have sent a message to CS.

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Just heard back from Customer Service. It seems this is resolved now. All my attachments have reappeared.

Message received:
Hello there,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. We have good news - the issue with attachments being unavailable has been resolved by our tech team. Feel free to check on your convenience.

We’re here if you need assistance with anything else.

i have got warning on this issue, i have submitted the order and after 5 min i got notification that you have not attached any file in delivery. so i got warning that its against fiverr TOS.
That was not my fault but i am still on warning for 30 days.