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Check your settings! - Not visible in online search

I’ve just had a look at my profile settings and came across the option you see below. Maybe this is why so many complain that they can’t be found in the online search? :thinking: I’ve never even seen that option before.


Ah ! I discover this couple of months ago…I was empty handed with no order after my OOO mode…
Later when I was thinking of fixing my gigs, I just went to that settings at it was “FOREVER” for some reason, I still dont know why but it was :smiley:

I turn back it to its original settings and now I need to go back to OOO mode again :smiley:
This would help many sellers , Thanks for the post !

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Interesting! I didn’t even know this option existed, or why it would be showing that I am offline by default, that is so weird.

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To me it says I am online, but the bubble next to my profile is grey and my GIGs are not visible under online GIG search.

And starting last week it is asking me to verify my log in using phone or email every day like I am login from new device, and it is always same device.

It is a bug.

But can you still be found in the online search eventhough the bubble is grey?

Nevermind you just said you weren’t visible. I’m not sure, maybe there is some issue with realtime reaction processes since Fiverr doesn’t seem to understand where you’re logging in from either.

My gigs aren’t shown in the Online search either eventhough the bubble is green and the Online Status says I am indeed online. Yeah, that’s a fiverr-problem, not a me-problem.

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Yes, but this time this is affecting my sales since I have one GIG that is very good and always on first page, when you select online sellers you only get 5-8 sellers and I should be amongst them but I am not.

Maybe that’s a bug we should report if we have screenshots proving that something isn’t working correctly?

They say they already know and will fix it in near future.

So, get ready, 2040 fix is coming up.