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Checking in for the first time

Hello, everyone!

I’m a relatively new seller (a little over three months in) and I’ve only recently noticed this forum, so I thought I’d check-in and meet the other freelancers here. I’ve so far done pretty well–it was quite a steep learning curve, but once I grasped that, I was able to start running my business more effectively and receive more orders. I work as a freelance writer, writing screenplays, ghostwriting novels, and writing pretty much anything that fits the terms and regulations laid about by Fiverr. I’m still working on increasing my sales, I’m currently sitting at just under fifty, but I’m hoping that everything will come with time and hard work.

I’ve skimmed through some of the forum and seen a lot of people just starting out. I don’t have all the answers since I’m so new myself, but if I could give the new people just starting out one piece of advice, it would be consistency. There is no better marketing than just doing a really solid job on all the gigs that you get, especially at the beginning. So just make sure you’re logging in everyday, being active on fiverr, seeing what SEO works and what doesn’t, and looking at your competition to see the rates and the kind of work that would be expected of you. That’s what worked for me, at least.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello to everyone, old and new, and introduce myself to the fiverr community. I hope everyone has been having a productive Coronavirus break.



Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome Ethan,

It’s amazing to find someone who have the passion as mine.
A nice piece of advice though.
Have a good stay here.
You will enjoy reading opinions and stories here.
You will get to know more about fiverr here.

Welcome brother!



Welcome to fiverr forum!
I wish you the best of experience :slight_smile:


Hi Ethan happy to see you on fiverr professionals are always welcomed here and highly valued so I’m sure you will success here. Of course there is many difficulties in the way, but successful people become successful due to the fact that on their way they solved and did not humble themselves when they encountered difficulties. Difficulty is what makes us stronger and leads to success. I hope that this epidemic that has spread all over the world will soon subside and we will all be able to return to our everyday life. Stay safe bro


Welcome to fiverr community

Welcome to fiverr family

welcome to the fiverr

Hi Ethan

You have a very modest name.
You are welcome to fiverr forum!

Hello there, happy to know about you. welcome to the forum & enjoy

Welcome to fiverr forum.

Welcome to the forum