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Checking Out a Seller's Gig via Profile Pic


Okay, so I couldn’t find this one in the forum or maybe I missed it, either way, if it’s been answered already, someone direct me to it.

In the old forum format, whenever I wanted to check out a seller’s gig, all I had to do was to click on his/her avatar or name. It seems like on this one, some have it enabled via a link while other’s there is no link.

I suppose I could always do a name search. Am I missing something here? Is there an easier way then copy/paste user name??


Don’t think so. Some sellers have a link at their name but that has to be set manually.


I think you have to be at least a level 1 forum user (nothing to do with Fiverr levels) before you can put your Fiverr link in the forum profile (and you have to do it manually, it doesn’t automatically get there).

Right now, the only way to find a seller without the link in their forum profile is to copy/paste. They might change it at some point, after they ensure that the basic forum stuff works properly.


The forum manager for Fiverr is currently working on adding the link to buyers and sellers profile on the main site.

Right now any forum user can enter anything in their “Website” details. The wiser members are linking their profile for fiverr like me and @catwriter and others…:slight_smile:



You have the inside scoop from the horses mouth it seems.


This is correct, they are working on it.


Thanks, all!

I’m doing the copy/paste/search whenever I want to check out a seller’s gig, if they do not have a link - which works just fine too.