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Cheep offers vs fiverr commission


Hi, in fiverr any seller can offer anything for 5$ but some offers are very cheep. as a example, if any one offer 1 logo for 5$ is reasonable price but 5 logo for 5$ is very cheep. in other way fiverr running with 20% commission so from such a offers fiverr lost 4$ commission. what u all think about this ??. thanks…


well in the united stated the cost per hour is 12$ I think . .so…
1 logo design: 12$ x 2 hours + revisions = 35$ I think
35$ + source file = 50$
I think. . .


The minimum wage in the U.S. is $15 per hour if you work for a company at least 40 hours per week.

Since anyone can offer whatever they want for only $5 then they are not violating any rules and it might be necessary to offer so much for so little for new sellers until they become well known and established over time.


I agree :slight_smile: (9999999 characters)