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Chelsea vs. Watford

Big game, big game. A loss for Chelsea will be disastrous. There’s a lot of negativity around Chelsea, so I expect the worst from them. Watford are flying, they have nothing to lose, great opportunity for them to make a mark on the league.

Prediction: Chelsea 1 Watford 2. Should finish Chelsea’s challenge for this season. Conte out by Christmas.


Conte out christmas? Who is going to replace him? Modi. There is no way Chelsea are losing to Watford and we are already 1-0 up


Yeah, great goal by one of my favorite players, Pedro.

Watford won’t score. It’s about how many we score.


Yeah, Chelsea is a hard team to predict. Pedro’s goal has changed the match environment totally. Pedro has always been that sort of a player, ever since his Barca days.

ooops ermm slight hiccup


Eh…Eoin…:face_with_raised_eyebrow: [Right now my prediction is very much on…]

I can’t hear you.
Anyway, I clearly meant in the second half

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Wow what a miss!
Revised my prediction to 3-2

LOL what a miss…

My prediction is on now

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LOL…:laughing::joy::rofl: [Shambolic defending]

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Conte needs to sit down for a few games.
I hate the constant shouting from the sidelines and it must get tiresome for the players too.
No way they actually listen to him any more.

Chelsea players are almost all 25+, if you have to micro manage them in every game then something is really wrong with the training.

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Conte looks lost…never seen him like this before…always pictured him as a super confident guy. [This season I have really started appreciating Mourinho, realized what a truly great manager he has been over the years.]

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Yeah. Mourinho annoyed him during the week too.
The big difference in the past 3 games is that Kante is not there. Whoever allowed Matic to go needs to be sacked, whether it was Conte or whoever.

Yeah, everyone talks about letting Costa go, but that is the real issue.

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Watford are not really playing well but Chelsea’s defending is dire. I dont think taking Morata off is a good idea either.


Watford could have been 4-1 up by now.

Costa was a negative influence off the pitch. That’s why Conte sent him a message saying " talaq" and told him to clear off. He pulled the same stunt with Mourhino.

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3-2 looks on…or 2-3…

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