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Chinese on Fiverr

Hi, If Fiverr provides services in China then have you noticed that there are only few sellers who are Chinese. It’s weird, because Chine as approx 1.5 Billion Population and only few, few, are on Fiverr.


My guess is that people in China tend not to know about Fiverr as much as people in other countries. Online employment isn’t really something that is brought up the same way in China (unless you’re talking about people with 淘宝 stores.)

Because I do translation and speak Chinese, I have several Chinese buyers who know basically no English. Language barriers are probably another issue why not a lot of people are offering services here.


That’s interesting! Maybe it was more of a thing in the past, before I ever came here.

I will say that even as a translator I think that most translators on here aren’t legitimate. Knowing two languages doesn’t make you qualified to do translations. If you’re not fully proficient, you shouldn’t mislead other people.

Translations are especially difficult to check, since most buyers aren’t familiar with the source/target languages. I can imagine how frustrating it is to look for translations on Fiverr.


There are some good people. But they are hard to find. The site will eventually die unless fiverr begins to allow geographic filtering. On the bright side, as buyers catch on the scammers will go elsewhere.

I’m not sure that geographic filtering will help that much, since I’ve seen plenty of scammers who aren’t faking locations and are just terrible at writing/translating/editing. I doubt that that’s going to be the thing that kills Fiverr.

The whole thing with them killing “fun” gigs seems more likely to cause at least a huge shift in the dynamic of the platform, one that might mark a new direction for Fiverr.

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Maybe they have their own platform, the same way Russians have VKontakte, and don’t use Facebook at all.

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It’s true that Facebook is blocked in China. Maybe whatever Facebook advertising went on went over their heads.

There isn’t really an equivalent platform. People just seem to have less concept of (and lower regard for) freelancing over the Internet over there.

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