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Chiptune and Game Music Thread! 🕹️🎹💾

Note: I expanded this topic to be as inclusive as possible to composers and tracks!

Opening this topic to celebrate as just this morning I’ve opened my gig for chiptune music, featuring two demo songs I made yesterday evening [shameless self advertisement: completed].

So, chiptune. Music made with retro game console and home computer hardware. Some of you may have been born in it, and not merely molded by it – I may be too young but I surely don’t think it’s not fire! :triumph:

What are your favourite tracks? Original '80s - '90s OSTs or just throwback it is.
Posting some good stuff next:

Wanted to tag Benedict again so he could listen to something by yours truly, but I know he will come here regardless. Watch it. :smirk:

Oh gosh, now there’s a question. Major fan of the major players in early gaming. Koji Kondo (Super Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda), Manami Matsumae (Mega Man), Masato Nakamura (Sonic the Hedgehog)…

I’d say Tetris, but that was technically a remix. Does Toby Fox (Undertale) count?

Honestly, I also have major respect for the sound effects people, as crafting something that sounds close enough to represent fire or a punch or even words (for example) is astounding. (For fun: Foley (filmmaking) - Wikipedia)


He counts as he’s done NES/SNES chip music, and there is a lot in the OST. If you want to be finnicky, you can call any chiptune on non-original hardware or vague game electro mixes “fakebit”… but it is a much less elitist situation than with metalheads, so there is barely any pigeonholing or fighting about “real v.s. fake” chiptune, nobody cares.

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Have you heard this one before?


Nope, I do not know anything in that playlist, besides that Alan Walker song with basically 4 billion views! :joy:

But for non-game chiptune and mostly western artists I like:

  • Disasterpeace
  • Sabrepulse
  • Anamanaguchi
  • Dubmood
  • Fearofdark
  • Alex Mauer
  • Magnus Pålsson
  • … Crystal Castles, technically?
  • Etc., etc…

P.S.: Chip Tanaka – the dude who made the original music for Metroid – has released various albums these years, and one of his songs has a video by Toby Fox.

Edit: how could I forget Zabutom!

Nope, not seen this. No idea. Not here…
Ammnuughhhhhh. Too predictable. I have noticed and am here LOL

At the time, Gyruss (the 1983 console game) was far and away the best music. It was pats of Bach’s Toccata (and Fugue in G min). I have a “Plugged-in Bach” EP of my own which includes that if you are eager enough. I suggested “Ori and the Will of the Wisps” for the kids as it is not only beautiful to look at but has a rather nice score. So much better than Crash Bandicoot which they play more but is just noise on both fronts (what most people want tho I know).

I was accused of sounding Chiptune as an insult, before it was “cool”. Now it is cool, the Chip people seem to find me equally unpalatable. Probably because I don’t follow their rules. To me, it is such a funny form as it was a result of major limitations that the better composers were constantly pushing - to improve the music they could deliver. And suddenly people want to make it that bad again. At least Chiptune mostly tries to use melodies. That is a win over most of EDM/Pop/Rap and even Rock.

@mattboa Your second track is really rather cool. A Folk dance or similar. That is a nice idea. (see below)

From me: I made this to show I can do chip. It starts with the rigid rules of a Z-80 and then grows with each section to cover most of the major advancements over time (not I am not pedantic about SID/Atari sounds so these are mine made in the mix).

This is the first full game I got to score for someone else. It was part of a Game Jam and had to be done fast. I finished early and made all the sfx too. We won pretty solidly.

I made several more games with this Dev and put them all into an Album. I think I got better with each as I wanted to expand the palette over what normal micro-Devs use. Official link in the vid info above (as I can’t link to my site from here grrr pita).

Matt as a matter of interest (or not as this is not game music) this is where I took the ideas of Greek Folk dance to use as contrast in a re-imagined story for Medusa the Gorgon as a pretty sociable girl compared to the monster she became (aah vanity).



I’m going to be super unoriginal but…