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Chnges in usernames


I think Fiverr Should have an Option to make changes in USERNAME

:wink: what you think guy’s ???


I think that could become confusing to other users – especially buyers that have favorited your gigs. :wink:


It helps to spell it right the first time you sign up.


I need this option too badly. See My user name is wp_kid. As for now I’m only providing WordPress services. I’m learning now some system adminstration work, and also planned to incluede some Joomla, Drupal and Magento services. So my service is no longer just focused with WordPress. But my user name will brand only WordPress :frowning:
Yes, username changes can create confusions. But ther should be chance to change the name at least one time.


I could understand why he suffering…


Yes It can be useful. But they have a excuse that it will confuse other which is I think not worth it.


I understand both arguments. Maybe we can find a gray area where we can make something happen. I mean your picture would still be the same right?


i can understand it may be confusing to buyers but i have mistake in my username so fiverr should allow to make changes to username and other thing if a buyer want to work again to we have photos on our profile


So @wp_kid now that you are learning some Joomla, Drupal and Magento services what do you want to change your name to?


Most prolly he wants to grow up, since he may no longer be a Kid…:thinking:


I see, so as to become wp_teenager or wp_adult


Photo wouldn’t be enough, those can be changed easily, and there might be several people using the same stock photos too :wink:

From my POV a solution of the option to set a unique ‘display name’, while there would be the option to see the unique username an account was registered under, plus a list of all used display names (maybe restrict changes to 1-3x) for that username, if one clicks the name/profile (to prevent abuse) would be nice, I’d like to have Mila visible instead of miiila, I always feel sorry for the people who try to reply to me ‘correctly’ and count the ‘i’ s :wink:


miiila you are right fiverr should have atleast one time changes


I think they should display the original name & the alias (and changeable) name.

This way the seller will be able to address the audience in a more attractive way, while the audience who knows him will still be able to find him/her using the original name.



@adwordsadvisor you are right i agree


I am saying that due to personal experience: My gigs don’t always address what my username states, and I was kind of disappointed to find out that I can’t change it.

Only afterwards I understood the logic in keeping the original username.


WoW ! HAHAHAHAH thanks for the idea :smiley: it would be nice. though I was just thinking to introduce my name in my username, but I think I should re-consider your suggestion.


lol thats a point :smiley: