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Chocolate talk. ( 20 characters)

They say “I don’t know the question, but the answer is chocolate.”

It does depend on the country you’re living in, but Valentine’s Day is around the corner.
When I was living in the states, I used to see Victoria’s Secret and ZALES Diamonds commercials on TV all the time around this year. Do they still do that??

I like diamonds but I don’t care about bras an such, but I DO love chocolate.
So here’s my random question:

What’s your favorite chocolate dessert?

I love chocolate rum balls and chocolate lava cake.

Whoever it is that invented those two deserve the Nobel Chocolate prize.


My favorite chocolate dessert is brownies!! They are THE BEST!

The Nobel Chocolate prize really should be a thing🤯


My favourite chocolate bar ever was this cheap (but fancy looking) dark chocolate with seasalt in it.
Favourite dessert is dark chocolate mousse (I make mine with coconut milk, it’s not as airy as it is with heavy cream but it’s faster and so rich!
Pair it with strawberries (or other berries I guess and it’s almost healthy!)
(Another thing - these is a chili chocolate chai I get from the UK. It’s hands down the best tea I’ve ever had).


That’s what I keep telling my trainer but she says that I wouldn’t stay in shape if chocolate is my answer for everything :see_no_evil:


The chocolate tart recipe from Philippe Conticini. Every bite is a mouthgasm. This can trigger a war in the hose on who gets the last piece of tart. It’s just…out of this world. :drooling_face:


Lindor chocolate truffles and ferrero rocher :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Do you like the salted caramel ones? I had them for the first time over Christmas. I really enjoyed them. Very moreish.

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OK…I’m slowly dying inside…can you possibly ship it to Japan for me??


My dad use to buy these super-rich and creamy-texture chocolate truffles that were dusted with coco powder. I have no clue what brand they are, and I am now going to ask him next time I chat with him.

Surprisingly, while I do eat chocolate – dark to white, I like it – I’m not a huge enthusiast! However…

  • I live in a town split into three “fractions” (so… like… 3 actual towns - one by the sea, one in the valley, another one more or less in the valley again) with just barely 7-8 thousand people and yet we have a mall with a Lindt bar and chocolate shop! It’s pretty large. We get at least one or two Lindt chocolate ball bags annually. I love them, all of the flavours.
  • What else… I like gianduiotti. Ferrero Rochers also. Tiramisù is okay but I’m not crazy for it, however it’s great when done well.
  • Ritter Sport blocks are sooo good!
  • Milka is very good… all of their chocolate-based snacks like the cookies are insanely good also.
  • Cadbury was good, but I don’t really remember it.
  • Do not know anything about American chocolate. All I know is that Hershey’s is apparently bad.

@joyh97 @ahmwritingco My neighbor one floor down, Giovanni, now in his 80s and retired, is the dude who was in charge of the production of Ferrero Rochers – and the entire reason Ferrero Rochers got made and sold at all. He told me the story when I was helping him fix something wrong with his TV, I think he started because he had some Ferrero bags/paraphernalia or whatever.

They basically were a sweet in development hell. One day, in the Alba establishment, Giovanni and other people, including Michele Ferrero (who invented the Rocher) were browsing a bunch of papers from what pretty much was an informal “cabinet of ideas”. He was looking through most of them when the Rocher stuck out and asked why hadn’t they done it yet. Michele simply said it didn’t fit in their line yet for production reasons. Giovanni then replied saying he would contract out the right machinery and actually get it to market, which happened. This was about 40 years ago.

Working at Ferrero is a dream, I knew it was already but just as I check Wikipedia I am reminded: it really is the most reputable Italian brand of all time, apparently. My school had us visit somewhere near a factory in Piedmont many years ago and that’s were I had the confirmation. It’s all based on good old Toyotism, basically a feedback loop of positivity, better pay means more happiness which means better work and so on. Workers get lots of permits and vacation days along with other freebies and I think up to a certain quota of sweets (1/2kg?) you can sneak out the building per month.


Ahaha it’s the quickest thing ever to make. I just used one can of coconut milk, two teaspoons of unsweetened cocoa powder and maybe one teaspoon of sugar (I prefer brown sugar but anything you have is good).
Just whip it up (I used my milk frother but anything works) and chill it for half an hour.
I think some people shave off some extra dark chocolate and whip it into it h melt some chocolate on top, too). I want to make it with chili flakes this time to make something spicy and rich!


This makes me so happy, thank you for sharing this story!
I’m honestly a FIEND for ferrero rocher. I buy those giant 48 piece packs like… Once a month at least :sweat_smile:


Oh I love those too! I also really enjoy the sea salt ones, and the dark chocolate too.

But honestly I just really like all of them haha!


This sounds delicious! I have to try this recipe sometime soon!! Thanks!

That sounds SO lovely and SO dangerous at the same time…
It will motivate me to hit the gym every week for sure though!! :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I live in Canada.

By choice, we do not have TV in our house, just a collection of DVDs.

We avoid the TV commercial maze that way.

My favourite chocolate currently is dark chocolate as it is good for my heart (I’m recovering from congestive heart failure).

As for favourite chocolate bar, that’s a whole new thread…lol

My faves are Coffee Crisp and Kit Kat.


Please take care! I’ve read about dark chocolate being good for you, sadly for me though,
I love milk and white chocolate way more…you know, the stuff that’s bad for your body.

I had to go Google that, and dang, that does look good.
I guess I won’t be able to get those in Japan, maybe I should check Amazon…

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My favorite chocolate treat is one I make only once a year at Christmas. It is the Nanaimo bars!


In the meantime, I like to eat these. :arrow_down:

I will have to seek those out!

I do like Cadbury chocolate too!

My favorite chocolate is also dark chocolate with almond or sea salt. Lillys makes one sweetened with Stevia, so I do not feel as guilty while I eat it.

@zeus777 There used to be M&Ms with a coffee flavor. I loved them! And I know you love M&Ms!


Since me and my fiance broke up, I’m planning on treating myself to an UNHEALTHY amount of chocolate for valentine’s day, so I’m deifnitely taking notes about the recommendations in this thread! :spiral_notepad:

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I’m sorry to hear that. :confused:

Chocolate is about as close as we’ve come to a medicine for heartbreak. :chocolate_bar:

Those bars look good, especially the almond ones. Aptly named, too. :wink:

I once had dark chocolate infused with lavender. That was nice. Check it out if you come across it.