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Choose the most experience person for your work

Choose the most experience person for your work because only experienced person do your work well so i have 2 years experience in live person to facilitate my customers to well work so i advise you to chose an experienced person
Ali Abbas

Experience helps, but there is no way to be 100% sure that anyone here is telling the truth. You have to look at their profile, look at their gigs, look at their writing, look at their gig images, contact them, look at their reviews. If you are satisfied, place an order, that’s the only way to know if the seller is capable or not.

Looking at your profile it says you have experience, that’s fine, but how can I prove that? :wink:


Experience isn’t everything you want it to be.
People can have years of experience, but if they don’t strive to become better; they won’t.

Why should I pick the person with 3 years experience, who hasn’t tried to improve himself and thinks that his work is perfect the way it is, over someone who has only been in the business for 6 months, but is doing everything he can to improve his skills on a daily basis?


GoOd Thinking I appreciate it

You have offered a kind of combined tip and sales pitch on your own experience, but even if it counted as a tip, it would not be for sellers. Since it includes promotional content, it will be moved to My Fiverr Gigs.

You got only negative point’s where I said I hv experience in live person not in fiberr.any how thanks for your precious comments