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Choose which category to be a top seller

Hope you all are doing good. As you know that many sellers (maybe new or not) are confused to choose any service or category for their gig or as their main skill.

Here i have few tips for all of you:
1- Never ever choose any skill in which you are not master/perfect
2- Only choose the skill in which you are expert
3- Never try to go for much more services provided by you
4-Choose one or two skills to be a top seller

Hope i am right and please let me know if i am wrong anywhere.
Thanks to @misscrystal for helping me.
Thank you.


Why?! :roll_eyes:

Telling others how to be “top seller or original” but can’t write your own post? Oh…the irony!

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Happy now,
I removed it. i just take it from blog to share it with all of them who didn’t read blog till now and are reading here.
Sorry for that but i removed it,

Great to know all these. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for sharing your valuable tips. Really inspiring for me as a new seller.

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