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Choosing an Appropriate Username


Hello! I’m brand-spanking new to Fiverr as of yesterday. I created a profile and had a lot of anxiety deciding on a username. In your opinion, should the username be your actual name, a generic nickname, or something related to your gig?

I started a Fiverr to do voice-overs and narration. I decided on the username ‘American Male’ because if people choose me to do their voice-overs, that’s the voice they’re going to get. However, I’m still not sold on my choice. Do you think this was a smart decision?

Very interested to hear feedback. Thanks everyone!


You cannot change your username once its created.

Its a GLOBAL rule on all membership sites (except Facebook - but limited time) :slight_smile:


It is perfectly alright and In fact a wise decision too because you wouldn’t want people to google-search you and find out a lot of things related to your business. I wish I used a nickname


I agree. Thank you for your feedback! I’m more at peace with my username choice now, but just out of curiosity, do you know if there is a way to change the username after creating an account?