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Choosing Creatives With No Reviews; Is the Risk Worth It


In my experience Fiverr is constantly growing and that translates to new creatives constantly joining the platform. In any case, this is good as it provides variety to the many buyers looking for the right fit when especially in terms of creative works.

So the question is, is it worth the risk ?

and the answer is a resounding yes!!!

This is mainly due to the fact that variety gives options, and thus the question shouldn’t be whether they have reviews or not, but rather, is what they are offering my exact fit ?

For instance, when I started off, I didn’t have any reviews, actually, no one starting off, has reviews, and that’s what you should always keep in mind.

For instance, if you wanted a seller to write you l love poems, I’d be your seller, but since maybe I didn’t have any reviews, you’d pass me by. However, that shouldn’t be the case.

So how do you make the gamble ? It all lies with the Creative’s portfolio, and that should always be the compass point when it comes to choosing the right creative for you.

I really hope this was helpful to you as a buyer in choosing the right creative.


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For the longest time, I always went with more established sellers (and often paid a premium for it). Of course the work was always excellent, but I never gave new sellers a chance to show their skills. A few months ago, I decided to take a gamble by hiring someone with no previous work and it turned out to be as good as if not better than previous work done by established sellers.

I have since started to focus more on the details of their profile, how the sellers respond to my questions, and how fast they are about replying to my messages. In fact, I always send a few messages with questions, even if I know the answer, just to see how the conversation goes. This has been a great strategy for me to avoid gigs that may not be a good fit for me as I already have a good idea about how the seller and I will get along.


I think this is a great strategy for vetting ANY sellers on fiverr - even if they aren’t new :slight_smile:


Yes, absolutely! It makes all the difference knowing that you and the seller are on the same page and everyone is comfortable with the terms of the sale.


Communication and details are very important here in my opinion - more questions more good for both sides


I also agree that’s a great way to choose any seller, however, I think you should rethink the quote above. Maybe a seller would take longer to answer if your message comes through while driving or when he/she is in the middle of the night, sleeping nice and tight.

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I couldn’t agree more. So many undiscovered talents go to waste because no one is willing to take the risk. Buyers should start changing their mindsets and look for sellers that qualify, and ratings do not always measure those. It’s a win-win situation because you’re going to help someone boost their reputation, and you’ll get what you want. Thank you so much for posting this.


I am yet to receive my first order and this post makes me so happy. Wish there were more buyers like you, who would give us new sellers a fair chance. Meanwhile, I’d continue to try and earn the buyers’ faith, and would hopefully get my first order someday. :sunglasses:

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I also think that you can buy because there are new creative sellers )

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I agree with .There are many new seller…